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Dr. E. Ciszek 

Ciszek engages in rigorous research, engaging with hard-to-reach populations and stakeholders that have historically been marginalized. They are a leader in public relations and strategic communication on LGBTQ research. Their research has received national and international recognition. 



300 W. Dean Keeton 

Austin, TX 78712-1069


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Ciszek works with corporations, non-profits and governmental agencies to provide workshops, trainings, organizational development and campaign strategy on subjects including organizational consulting on LGBTQ diversity, equity and inclusion; LGBTQ organizational development & campaign strategy; LGBTQ cultural competency training and workshops, gender identity and transgender affirming communication, and organizational issues pertaining to sexuality and gender.

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"I help organizations move the needle on diversity, equity and inclusion."


Ciszek is a leader in strategic communication on LGBTQ research and queer theories and their work has received national and international recognition.

LGBTQ publics Public Relations Review


E. Ciszek's work is grounded in:

  • In-depth research with LGBTQ consumers and stakeholders

  • Qualitative and quantitative analyses

  • Research-driven insights

  • Translating data into actionable recommendations

LGBTQ Workshop
LGBTQ Consulting


LGBTQ Training


What we can do:

  • Identify specific outcomes and goals of pertaining to organizational capacity, process and performance around LGBTQ diversity, equity and inclusion

  • Plan and execute a program around specific areas and desired competencies

  • Topics might include: building cultural competency; identifying microaggressions; managing unconscious bias; LGBTQ sensitivity 


What we can do:

  • Plan people-centered organizational workshops

  • Implement interactive group activities, such as presentations, small group projects

  • Vision-building, short-term and long-term planning

  • Inclusivity and belonging


What we can do:

  • Work with leadership to develop organizational goals

  • Issues management and crisis communication

  • Frame aspirations that will guide organizational vision

  • Develop and implement individual and team commitments

  • Propagate change throughout the organization


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